Al-Anon Corner

Those of us who grew up with a problem drinker have been affected by the chaos, the uncertainty, sometimes there is violence and we live in fear and never know what will happen next...or I would find myself thinking what the heck just happened? I would try to make sense of what was happening...I knew there was a lot of yelling, angry words spoken, accusations and threats. 

The threats I would be dreading never happened. They were just that...they couldn’t follow through and I found myself as an adult that I would make threats and do the same.

As an adult I found myself doing the same angry, not even knowing why I was angry. It was like I was mad all the time at somebody. I was able to care for others easily, but found it difficult to take care of me. Everyone else came first. Somehow I didn’t matter...I would feel alone in a crowd of  supposedly friends...but would friends use me like that and I allow it time after time?

I finally arrived at the doors of Al-Anon and found I belonged. They were telling my story of where I was, how I grew up, I was the “too good to be true child”...I paid a big price that and had to relearn everything I thought I knew about these problems. How I was affected and needed to change my thinking and behaviors. The members’ sharings showed me the way. Our literature and a sponsor helped me through the tough parts. I even learned to set limits and stick to them. After all, I had worth also.

If you too grew up with a problem drinker, won’t you come join us? You will find out you don’t have to be mad all the time. I know it helped me and I am still a member learning about me. Hope to see you at a meeting somewhere. There are two in Wautoma, both at Hope Lutheran Church. There is one every Monday at noon and one every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. Hope to see you there.


Peace of the program,

Debbie W.