Al-Anon Corner

He, he, he, I had the he, he’s before I found Al-Anon. I was continually saying, “He did this and he did that, and why doesn’t he think of me? Why doesn’t he stop drinking, doesn’t he know what he is doing to me and the children? If only he....and on and on it went. Until one fine day, I was taken to an Al-Anon meeting.

How grateful I did go and to the person that took me. I heard I had choices, my, what a new concept. They did not tell me to divorce, throw the bum out, have a separation or even to stay. Others were sharing how they were dealing with an active drinker in their home. Loving him, but hating the disease.

I learned about detachment, as our pamphlet on detachment says and I quote, “Detachment is neither kind nor unkind. It does not imply judgement or condemnation of the person or the situation from which we are detaching....Detachment can help us look at our situation realistically and objectively.” It saved me from a lot of heartache. There is so much to learn about ourselves, and I learn something new each week.

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