Al-Anon Corner


Fear...such a small word, but it sure created problems for me. Mentally, physically, and spiritually...I was always fearful. When the problem drinker went out to go drinking, I immediately was consumed by it. Afraid he would get caught driving under the influence, I was afraid he would have an accident and kill someone or himself. Afraid we would lose our home, as he was unable to work the next day, or if he did go to work, he would goof up and get fired. Afraid of him because he would get violent and hit either me or one of the children.

I did everything to try to stop the the bills, get a job too, do his chores around the house, keep the kids quiet and away from him so they would not get hurt, everything but get off his back.

Then one day someone took me to was there that I found help for myself, and in turn was able to help my children. I found members that I could relate to, and they never told me to kick the bum out. They just keep telling me to, “Keep coming back.” And I did. It was there that I heard about the “yet disease.” He hasn’t lost his job, yet.

He hasn’t had a DWI, yet. And on and on it went. I got the picture, also heard to focus on myself and my children and to get off his back. I found support and acceptance I was gaining in self-confidence and started to understand it was not my fault, no matter what he told me.

I found diversity there, it was not only husband alcoholics, but also members with wives, children, parents, etc. Won’t you come join us? What do you have to lose?

Meetings at Hope Lutheran Church, Wautoma on Mondays at noon and on Wednesday nights at 6:30. See you there.



Debbie W.