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Corn Silage Moisture Testing


As the summer comes to a close, farmers need to think about when to harvest their corn for silage. Each year there is a different set of growing conditions. This year we are just slightly behind average in total accumulated heat units. 

Accurately determining corn whole plant moisture is important when harvesting corn silage. Harvesting corn for silage too early (high moisture content) or too late (low moisture content) can affect forage yield, quality and silage fermentation. 

Current recommendations are to harvest at whole plant moisture content of 60-65 percent for upright stave silos, 60-70 percent for silo bags and 65-70 percent for bunker silos. To assist in determining the corn moisture percentage, producers from Green Lake and Waushara Counties can bring four normal corn stalks from a field to be tested for whole plant moisture (maximum of samples samples per farm) on Monday, Aug. 31 or Sept. 14, from 9:30-11 a.m., at Landmark Services Cooperative at Markesan and from 12:30-1:30 p.m. at Frontier FS in Wautoma.

Producers may bring additional samples for testing for a fee per sample. Samples should contain four plants that are most representative of the field and they should be cut at the normal cutting height. 

When submitting the four stalks, tie them together and attach a tag with your name, address, phone number, hybrid, maturity and planting date. Moisture readings are available by county at 

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