County Ag News

Renting standing hay


How much should I charge or pay for standing hay? The answer varies depending upon several factors. 

First, we need to distinguish between what standing hay is worth and what is actually being paid. In our area, these are two different numbers in many cases. We have fields of good quality alfalfa and then there are fields that are primarily grass. Good quality alfalfa at a May hay auction brought prices in a range from $150-$192 per ton. 

For grass hay a price of $100-$125 per ton would be fairly close. Actual prices being paid in the county vary based on location and the condition of individual fields. In recent years, standing alfalfa, (3 cuttings for the season) has typically rented for $100-$125/acre in areas where bare ground cash rents are in the $50-$60/ acre range. 

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