County Ag News

Thank the American Farmer


There have been a number of editorial articles printed lately that demonize and speak ill of the people responsible for putting the food on our Easter table. Modern science and research has made it possible for an ever shrinking group of people we call “the American Farmer” to provide a source of food for us “the American People”. 

In the last 80 years, agricultural production has grown enormously. Corn yields have grown in Waushara County from an average of 33.1 bushels per acre in 1935-44 to over 180 bushels per acre in 2014. The production of milk in Waushara County has increased from an average of 5,883 pounds per cow in 1936-45 to 21,800 pounds per cow in 2012. Many dairies today through modern genetics and better feed rations are able to average over 100 pounds of milk per day per cow. That is about 11 gallons per cow per day.

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