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Consulting a knowledgeable attorney


A knowledgeable and experienced attorney can prove to be a valuable asset by providing guidance in areas of law that can have very significant impacts to those leasing or buying property.

In past articles I have discussed the importance of having written leases when renting farmland. “Advantages of a written agreement include: a detailed statement of the agreement which ensures better understanding by both parties; a reminder of the terms originally agreed upon; and a valuable guide for heirs if either the tenant or the landowner dies. 

Without a written agreement to refer to, a court may have to decide what the agreement between parties was or is. Because of the numerous areas of potential disagreement, a rental arrangement should be approached with the same degree of seriousness that a land purchase would entail.” 

I have also covered what is called periodic tenancy. “Periodic tenancy can be established in a couple ways. The first would be if a landowner has a verbal lease for a year and the following year the renter “holds over”, or simply keeps raising crops on the land.