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Wisconsin Dairy and Beef Well-Being Conference scheduled


The University of Wisconsin-Extension will host the annual Dairy and Beef Well-Being Conference on April 30 at Liberty Hall in Kimberly. Since consumer confidence is a critical piece of food production, this year’s conference will focus on animal care practices and why it matters to consumers. Dairy and beef producers, veterinarians, farm service providers, educators, emer-gency managers, first respon-ders, and elected officials are encouraged to attend.

The keynote speaker will be Dr. Temple Grandin, world-renown animal behavior specialist. Dr. Grandin will be addressing livestock production with a presentation entitled, Biological Systems Overload—Looking at Optimal Production, Not Maximum Production. In addition, Dr. Dee Griffin who is widely known as a pioneer in Beef Quality Assurance will be speaking on how proper animal care is not only good for animals, it’s good for all of us.

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