One of the first questions that I got as a new agriculture agent back in June of 2013 was: “What is the county land rental price per acre?” This question comes from both land owners and farmers wanting to rent land. Since my first year I have found that I get this question multiple times a month and have gotten pretty good at discussing the answer. The answer is, of course, a truly Extension answer of “it depends”.

There are many factors that are used in negotiating land rental prices. I use the same points with land owners and potential renters. For landowners, the more you know about your land, the more negotiating factors you have. Likewise, for farmers, knowing more about the land you are wanting to rent will allow you to make a more informed decision about how much you can afford to pay for rent.

Below is a list of select factors that can impact price paid to rent cropland:

• Lease length

•Competition for field

•Access to the field in spring and fall for planting and harvest

•Size and shape of the field

•Slope of field

•Distance from nearby livestock operation or other crop fields

•Soil type and texture

•Fertility of the field as shown by a soil test

•Production history of field

•Weed pressure

•Expectations of certain crops in the rotation

•Expectations of fence line maintenance

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