Trespass Laws

Entering land owned by another party without the landowners’ permission for any reason is considered trespassing. Each fall this becomes a larger issue as people without permission enter land they do not own with the purpose of hunting, fishing, or for the purpose of taking materials such as fruit, vegetables, or firewood; this is considered trespassing.

Many people are unaware that such definitions apply to persons who enter by vehicle and by foot. The operation of snowmobiles or ATV’s on property without the consent of the property owner is trespassing. The lack of a fence does not mean the land is open for public use.

Although many property owners choose to post warning signs, they are not required to do so. Prior to 1995 property owners were required to post “No Trespassing” signs to prevent others from entering onto their property. This changed in 1995 and landowners were no longer required to post signs on their property in order for people to be charged with trespassing. If there are signs, it may be easier to prosecute if there is a violation.

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