Food Safety Modernization Act

The Food Safety Mod-ernization Act was signed into law by President Barack Obama on Jan. 4, 2011. The FSMA has given the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) new authority to regulate the way foods are grown, harvested and processed.

This law has the potential to affect many vegetable producers throughout Wis-consin. Including farms that:

•    Grow, harvest, pack, or hold covered produce;

•    Have sold produce, during the previous 3-year period, worth more than $25,000 direct to consumers;

•    May, beginning in January 2018, be required to document risk reduction measures taken to prevent food-borne illnesses through contamination of raw produce, and have them ready for inspection with respect to the following areas:

•    Personnel qual-ification and training

•    Health and hygiene

•    Biological amend-ments of animal origin and human waste

•    Domesticated and wild animals

•    Equipment, tools, buildings, and sanitation

•    Sprouts

•    Records

Vegetable producers who sell directly to a food processor such as a vegetable company or a potato company may be exempt from the requirements of this Act. These producers may be asked to provide letters from the processing company that would indicate that the product is blanched or substantially cooked such that the commercial processing adequately reduces the presence of microorganisms.

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