Hay supplies and price

The Weekly Hay Market Report for the Upper Midwest as of July 31 shows that hay prices across the Midwest have been increasing at nearly all locations. Prices for dairy quality hay, which would be hay with a relative feed value over 150, has increased to around $125 per ton for large round bales and to $186 per ton for large square bales. Hay with relative feed values from 125 to 150 has been selling on average for $144 and $174 respectively per ton.

This past winter resulted in large acreages of alfalfa that died out on the Eastern side of Wisconsin and as a result there are many farms in that area that are very short of hay.

The above normal rainfall we have seen in Central Wisconsin this past spring and early summer has resulted in above normal yields of hay and forage.

Across the state and the country in general there has been a shift in acreage away from hay crops. Nation wide it is estimated that acreage in forage is down around 6 percent. As a consumer of high quality forage this affects the dairy industry as some of the irrigated western land that has been used for producing high quality dairy hay has now been switched to the production of grain crops.

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