Buying Meat for Home Freezers

Many consumers are in-terested in purchasing bulk beef for home freezers direct from the producer. Beef can be purchased as a live animal or as a dressed beef carcass.

Buying beef in quantity may be a way to save money but it depends upon your situation. When one buys a whole carcass or a side a variety of high and low priced cuts are obtained. You will get some cuts such as the brisket, short ribs, and shank not normally purchased.

Usually locker plants and meat markets will convert cuts into ground meat or stew meat. If the family will not eat certain cuts, then it may be wise to have the unacceptable cuts processed into ground beef.

Consider these factors before deciding: The meat cuts served most often; amount of freezer storage space; and how much the family consumes in a certain period of time. For a bulk beef purchase to be a “good buy” the purchaser must utilize every cut that is made from the carcass. Consider the amount of money available to invest in one kind of meat, as well as the total cost and the amount saved by buying a large quantity of beef. When comparing alternatives include the cost of cutting, wrapping, freezing, any interest for financing the purchase, and the finance costs on the freezer, as well as the freezer operation costs.

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