Benefit planned for June & Claire Wilson following a fire that destroyed their home

Waushara County is blessed by many caring individuals that give their very best each and everyday and this is so true with what our Wild Rose reporter, June Wilson, does for Wild Rose and the Waushara Argus.


On Feb. 18, June and her Mom’s (Claire’s) home was destroyed by fire and they were left homeless and got out with the only the clothes they had on.  They will have many decisions to make as to how they will rebuild and where and how much could be saved from the home and what needs to be destroyed. The actual structure is still standing, but water damage, etc. make it uninhabitable.  Temporary housing has been provided by Jim Button from Evergreen Campsites.

On Saturday, May 5 from 4-8 p.m. a group of concerned citizens are working together to create a benefit for June and Claire Wilson at the Wild Rose Lions Club.  The benefit will include food, music, silent auction, raffles, and more, all to benefit the Wilsons.  The Kiwanis and Lions of Wild Rose are playing a big part in making this happen. 


June puts Wild Rose on the map in a very positive light each and every week.  She works to cover meetings both municipal and school board, she promotes sports and high school achievements.  She covers activities happening in Wild Rose and her heart is with the people that live and work there. Whether it be a school event or a party at the Wild Rose Manor, June is there.

To many June is a quiet and private person, not sharing her problems or concerns with others, but just quietly going about doing her job.  June is what many would call old school with an old soul.  She does things by the book and she does them the old fashioned way, by hand.  She covers meetings and takes her notes in longhand and writes the stories from longhand and turns them in each and every week.  The most modern technology that she uses is her digital camera and if asked she would tell you she enjoys it because she can see her photos before they are in print.  She does not own a computer, we tried to set her up with one once, and may again, but to date she is doing everything longhand and delivering it to our office. 


All of this background may not mean much to some, but to the people that know June Wilson, they understand, they care and they appreciate everything she does.  

If you would like to donate an item for the silent auction or make a cash donation please drop it off at the Waushara Argus by Tuesday, May 1 or mail it to The Waushara Argus, PO Box 838, Wautoma, WI 54982. Please make checks payable to June Wilson.


We hope you will come and support a person that is a caregiver for her Mom and works very hard each and every week covering events in Wild Rose.