Al-Anon Corner


Are you living with a problem drinker? Are you sad and unhappy? You never thought things would turn out like this. I felt like that before Al-Anon.

I am so grateful that I did walk through the doors of Al-Anon, and I did stay. These were my kind of people. I finally belonged. They were open, and honest, friendly and loving toward me. They wanted to hear what I had to share.

They shared their experiences, strength and hope with me. Relaying their experiences as to what they did or did not do when a crisis happened in their home. I would think to myself, if they can try something like that, so can I...and by golly, it worked. They did not give me advice as to what I ought to do.

By sharing their experiences with me and the group, it gave me hope and it also gave me strength. They shared their strength. I would see women who were in worse situations than I had been and they were laughing and smiling and kidding around.

For me, it was nothing but doom and gloom. I would feel so sorry for myself, but they kept encouraging me to keep coming back and I did. I wanted what they had.

Won’t you give it a try? You don’t have to be miserable. There is hope and help. We meet every Monday at noon and every Wednesday evening at 6:30 at Hope Lutheran Church, Wautoma. I do hope to see you there.

Peace of the program,

Debbie W.