Al-Anon Corner

I blamed everything on the bottle. If he/they would just stop drinking, everything would be okay.

When things went wrong, I would look for someone or something to blame. I and others call it the blame game. Of course, I couldn’t look at the fact that it could be me. If I didn’t cause the problem, I sure aggravated it. Also, the drinker, instead of looking at himself/herself, blamed me or someone else also. Always looking for that scapegoat.

When I arrived into Al-Anon they taught me to look closely at each difficulty and accept responsibility for the part I played. I didn’t think I played a part. Here, I was playing a big part. I had to face the consequences of my actions.

My attitude sure didn’t help anything. I had to work on getting a better attitude about things. I was very negative and unhappy and I let my family know how their misdeeds were hurting me. I was like this big sore walking around.

After being in Al-Anon awhile, I found there were “things” I could be grateful for. Everything was not all doom and gloom.

Won’t you come join  us if you recognize any part of this? You can find help. Just give it six weeks and see if you feel better.

We meet at Hope Lutheran Church, Wautoma, every Monday at noon and every Wednesday evening at 6:30. Hope to see you there.



Debbie W.