Al-Anon Corner

Al-Anon’s 12 steps have been adopted from Alcoholics Anonymous word for word... So use them as the AA’s do.

We use them every day, sometimes many times during the day. The first step states, that I am powerless over alcohol and my life is unmanageable.

I knew my life was unmanageable, due to others not taking care of their chores and then I had to do them. But I certainly did not think that I was powerless. 

I had this problem that powerless meant the same as helpless. I certainly knew I was not helpless, but could not figure out why my good intentions of cleaning up their messes and believing them when they said they would not drink again and do that again. And they would do it again the very next weekend.

I finally realized the difference between the two after being hurt and disappointed so many times. But I had to get into Al-Anon to learn that...going to meetings and listening, reading my literature and calling one of the members to just talk with me. I learned how to use that first step.

I also learned that my life was unmanageable because of me not them or him. I couldn’t blame anyone but myself. I was always worried about them, but didn’t think to take care of myself. I made sure they had doctor’s appointments, hair cuts, etc. But what about me? They were always more important than I was.

Al-Anon taught me to take care of me and they will take care of themselves. Mine was a hands off policy. I started to feel better about myself and looking more at me and less at them.

It is all there for the taking, if you want it. Listen and learn, what works and what doesn’t. Won’t you come join us? We meet every Monday at noon and every Wednesday evening at 6:30 at Hope Lutheran Church, Wautoma. See you there.

Peace of the program,

Debbie W.