Waushara County accident report

The Waushara County accident reports recorded from the Waushara County Sheriff's Office:

• 11/15/17: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 8 p.m. on Pine Hill Road, Town of Saxeville. Jessica Ann Thoe, 38, Iola, was involved in a single vehicle crash and failed to report to police and the crash was reported by Third Party several hours after crash occurred. Thoe was transported to Riverside Medical Center by a family member. She stated that she was the only person in the vehicle and did not have insurance on the vehicle. Suspected minor injuries were reported. Four citations were issued. 

• 11/20/17: A two-vehicle accident occurred at 10:31 a.m. at the intersection on Cypress Avenue at 32nd Drive, Town of Aurora. Bernhard Josef Loewen, 61, Berlin, was traveling northbound on 32nd Drive when he failed to yield the right of way from the stop sign to traffic on Cypress Avenue at the T-intersection. Loewen entered Cypress Avenue and made a U-Turn to the left, when Clayton Jon Young, 38, Berlin, was traveling westbound on Cypress Avenue took evasive action to avoid collision with Loewen’s vehicle. Young swerved into the eastbound lane to avoid a crash. When Loewen completed the U-Turn he collided with Young’s vehicle. One citation was issued. No injuries were reported. 

• 11/23/17: A two-vehicle accident occurred at 6:19 p.m. on State Road 21, Town of Warren. Peter Janssen, 38, Neenah, was traveling westbound on State Road 21 towing a trailer hauling an ATV. Janssen stated that he had four straps securing the ATV to the trailer. He said the straps snapped and the ATV fell off the trailer. Cori Maynard, 24, Neenah, was traveling eastbound on State Road 21 when he struck the ATV after it had fallen off the trailer onto the roadway. No injuries were reported. 

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