Waushara County accident report

The Waushara County accident reports recorded from the Waushara County Sheriff's Office are as follows:

•7/1/15: A two-vehicle accident occurred at 2:38 p.m. on Highway 22, Town of Wautoma. John Wenzel, 65, Wild Rose, and Steven Hanzel, 35, Caledonia, were traveling northbound on Highway 22 and Hanzel began to turn into a driveway. Hanzel slowed to almost a stop because of another vehicle in the driveway when Wenzel struck Hanzel’s vehicle in the rear. No injuries were reported.

•7/3/15: Reported after the fact, a two-vehicle accident occurred at 12:45 p.m. in a parking lot of Bent & Dent Grocery, Town of Richford. George Lepka, 62, Montello, backed from parked position facing north on north side of gravel parking lot and struck a parked car facing south on south side of the parking lot. When the parked car operator arrived at home they could not open drier door and wanted to see an officer for a crash report. No injuries were reported. 

•7/3/15: A two-vehicle accident occurred at 4:03 p.m. on Highway 73, Town of Oasis. Wendy Solawetz, 55, West Des Moines, IA, was traveling southbound on Highway 73 in the southbound lane when she slowed down to turn left onto east Huron Lake Road. Thomas House, 17, Hancock, was traveling southbound on Highway 73 in the northbound lane when he began to pass Solawetz’s vehicle. Solawetz turned left into the path of House who was unable to avoid the crash and struck Solawetz’s driver’s side. Solawetz’s vehicle spun 180 degrees, struck mailboxes, and ditch and came to a rest facing south. Solawetz’s vehicle was disabled in the crash and came to rest in the northbound lane of travel. Incapacitating injuries reported and Solawetz as well as her passenger were taken to Wild Rose Hospital. 

•7/3/15: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 7:09 p.m. on County Road NN, Town of Saxeville. Troy Hagmann, 40, Appleton, was traveling eastbound on County Road NN and attempted a to negotiate a curve. Hagmann exited the east side of the road and attempted to correct. Upon returning to the roadway Hagmann overcorrected and attempted to correct again. The vehicle entered the east ditch and rolled over. Hagmann struck an electrical pole while upside down. Hagmann’s vehicle then rolled back on its wheels. While returning upright the driver was ejected from the vehicle. Hagmann admitted to drinking and was flown by helicopter due to injuries. Three citations were issued.