Accidents reported in Waushara County


09/05/2020: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 9:45 p.m. on. Blueberry Hill Rd. in the Town of Springwater. Dimilio Vela, 22, Wild Rose, was southbound on Testin Road, which turns in to Blueberry Hill Road. Vela failed to negotiate the righthand curve in the road and crossed the center line and left the roadway. Vela struck the trees and came to a rest.

09/05/2020: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 11:58 p.m. on CTHF eastbound in the Town of Warren. Samuel Kuehn, 21, Berlin, was traveling eastbound on County Road F when he fell asleep at the wheel and drifted into the south shoulder. Kuehn then overcorrected back onto the roadway, crossed the centerline, and entered the north ditch. The vehicle rolled one and a quarter times, coming to rest on the passenger side.

09/07/2020: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 10:03 a.m. on CTHW westbound in the Town of Mount Morris. Jerry Galloway, 64, Neenah, was traveling on a motorcycle when found sitting in the ditch by a passerby. When asked about the crash, the driver couldn’t remember what happened. Marks in the roadway, on the shoulder, and in the ditch indicate that the motorcycle was westbound on County Road W. It appeared that the driver laid the motorcycle on its left side and then slid into the right ditch. Broken parts from the bike indicates that it tumbled. The driver complained of back pain and seemed dazed and confused. He was transferred to the hospital by ambulance and the motorcycle was towed by Expert Towing.

09/09/2020: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 10 a.m. on Chicago Ave in the Town of Marion. Tracy Allen, 58, Coloma, was traveling eastbound as the vehicle approached a sharp curve to the right and Allen began to slow. Allen skidded across the wet roadway and went straight into the trees. There was moderate damage to the front end, driver side fender, and hood.

09/09/2020: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 7:45 p.m. on CTHP eastbound in the Town of Oasis. Lydia Jensen, 35, Wild Rose, stated she swerved to avoid hitting two deer in the roadway. She crossed the center line and entered the north side ditch of the westbound lane. The vehicle struck the ditch and rolled once. Jensen was assisted out of the vehicle by a passerby who contacted law enforcement. The vehicle came to rest on its roof. Jensen was checked out by Waushara County EMS. Jensen had small cuts on hands from glass. She was arrested for OWI 1st.

09/10/2020: A two-vehicle accident occurred at 6:15 p.m. on CTHO westbound in the Town of Wautoma. Stephen Christie, 73, Fond du Lac, was traveling southbound on State Road 22. Richard Tackes, 78, Wild Rose, stopped at a stop sign on 18th Rd. when he then traveled across St. Rd. 22 to head westbound on County Road O. Tackes stated he did not see Christie. Tackes impacts passenger front and Christie gets hit drivers front. Christie was towing a utility trailer with an ATV. The wheel of the trailer was ripped off during impact.

09/12/2020: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 4:14 a.m. on STH73 northbound in the Town of Dakota. An unknown vehicle went through the intersection of State Road 73 and State Road 21. It appeared that the vehicle was northbound on State Road 73 and went over the median, hitting the road sign for the turn lane and knocking down the traffic light. When the Deputy arrived on scene the traffic light and road sign were laying in the eastbound lane of State Road 21 along with other debris in the intersection from the light post. No identifying parts were left from the striking vehicle.

09/13/2020: A two-vehicle accident occurred at 8:34 a.m. on Cottonville Ave in the Town of Coloma. Billy Kloth, 51, Friendship, stated he stopped at the stop sign on Cottonville Avenue at County Road V. He looked both ways and proceeded across the intersection to continue eastbound on Cottonville Avenue. Corbin Van Buren, 31, Berlin, was northbound on County Road V when Kloth struck him in the left front corner and left side then was spun and made contact with the left rear corner of Van Buren. Kloth stated that he did not see Van Buren. Van Buren stated that he tried to avoid contact with Kloth by swerving to the right but was hit by Kloth. Neither driver complained of injuries. Kloth came to rest in the southbound lane of County Road V and was cited for operating without insurance and failure to yield from a stop sign.

09/13/2020: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 6:02 p.m. on CTHP westbound in the Town of Oasis. Danae Tiedje, 33, Plainfield, was exceeding the speed limit and failed to control the vehicle, causing the driver to run off the roadway.

Deer Accidents:

09/09/2020: At 4:20 p.m., Dennis Thompson, 69, Wautoma, CTHO, Eastbound, Town of Wautoma.