Accidents reported in Waushara County


11/11/2020: A two-vehicle accident occurred at 5:02 p.m. on CTHG southbound in the Town of Springwater. Frederico Bell, 26, Appleton, was parked on the side of the road after making a delivery with flashers on as the driveway to the residence was full of vehicles. Bell stated he was going to pull out into traffic, saw Gary Herwig, 69, Waupaca, and stayed stationary waiting for him to pass by. Herwig stated he was looking at deer in the field and did not see Bell and struck the vehicle in the rear. Bell was then pushed forward into the homeowners mailbox causing damage to the front of the vehicle as well.

11/14/2020: A two vehicle accident occurred at 2 p.m. on 17th Dr in the Town of Wautoma. Randall Schmitt, 54, Wautoma, was traveling southbound on 17th Dr. while Eric Pilsl, 50, Wautoma, was traveling westbound on a driveway. Schmitt stated he observed Pilsl pull out of the driveway and strike his vehicle. Schmitt also stated that he saw Pilsl look around but he must not have seen him. Schmitt said Pilsl admitted to him that he messed up. Both drivers exchanged information and the crash was reported later.

11/14/2020: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 6:20 p.m. on Main St/STH 49 northbound in the Town of Poy Sippi. Deputy responded to a single vehicle property damage accident. Upon arrival, deputy did not observe anyone around the vehicle. Deputy found that the vehicle was traveling northbound on State Road 49 when it ran off the roadway, striking a posted speed limit sign and striking a culvert rendering the vehicle disabled. The deputy did not make contact with Basil Briskie, 45, Pine River, who was the operator, until the next day. Deputy towed the vehicle. Briskie said that he did not want an extra bill or charge and informed the deputy that he was going too fast for the curve and lost control of the vehicle.

11/15/2020: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 12 p.m. on Bighorn Ln. in the Town of Mount Morris. There were high winds on this day. The van of John Gronlund, 68, Oshkosh, was traveling westbound. The passenger stated she saw a tree on the north side of the road falling and she alerted Gronlund. Gronlund attempted to stop vehicle but was unable to. The tree impacted the front of the vehicle, then drove under. The tree damaged the windshield, side, and roof of the vehicle. The vehicle was removed by a tow company as the entire windshield was shattered. Two witnesses stated they heard the crash and went to investigate. They found the vehicle in their driveway smashed.

Deer Accidents:

11/09/2020: At 5:14 a.m., Ross Wolfgram, 24, Menasha, on CTHF, Westbound, Town of Marion.

11/09/2020: At 6:24 p.m., Michael Clausing, 39, Wild Rose, on STH49, Southbound, Town of Aurora.

11/12/2020: At 5 a.m., Dewayne Beeman, 59, Wautoma, on STH21, Westbound, Town of Marion.

11/13/2020: At 3:05 p.m., Nathan Klapoetke, 38, Wild Rose, on Apache Ave, Town of Springwater.

11/13/2020: At 3:45 p.m., Jeffrey Boettcher, 59, Fremont, on CTHI, Southbound, Town of Bloomfield.