September 16, 2014

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Waushara County Fair Demo Derby

Waushara County property deed transfers
Tuesday, September 24, 2013 9:44 AM

Waushara County property deed transfers from Sept. 11 - Sept. 18

•9/11/13: Gloria Jean Lamkins to Gary Wayne Knutson, Glen Michael Knutson and Rose Marie Nelson, $7,200, Town of Mt. Morris

•9/11/13: Sheila Rae Olson to Gary Wayne Knutson, Glen Michael Knutson and Rose Marie Nelson, $7,200, Town of Mt. Morris

•9/11/13: Gary Wayne Knutson, Glen Michael Knutson and Rose Marie Nelson to Nowak Farms LLC, $36,000, Town of Mt. Morris

•9/12/13: Harry L. Wolff (trustee), Virginia Wolff (trustee), Harry L. Wolff Living Trust and Virginia Wolff Living Trust to Rodd McAllister, $200,000, Town of Leon

•9/12/13: Marilyn R. Hutkowski and Dennis E. Stance to James A. Hutkowski and Marilyn R. Hutkowski, $66,300, Town of Hancock

•9/13/13: Nancy A. Meyer and Richard A. Meyer to Brian S. Koenig and Diane R. Koenig, $287,500, Town of Coloma

•9/13/13: Manuel Ayala Jr. to Charles M. Powell and Judy L. Powell, $28,500, Town of Coloma

•9/13/13: Anthony G. Klink to Carol A. Lenth and Eldon K. Lenth, $45,000, Town of Bloomfield and Town of Aurora

•9/13/13: Daniel D. Verhalen and Lori J. Verhalen to Jean D. Winters and Steven J. Winters, $152,500, Town of Springwater

•9/13/13: Doria J. Martin (personal rep), Alexander M. Thornton (estate) and Roseada M. Thornton (estate) to Patrick J. Lesage and Neill W. Urban, $52,000, Town of Marion

•9/13/13: Patrick Lesage to Debora A. Dabel and Jeffrey J. Dabel, $114,000, Village of Wild Rose

•9/16/13: Brian S. Schlagel and Kristina J. Schlagel to Jeff L. Dassow and Mary A. Dassow, $279,000, Town of Leon

•9/16/13: John F. Hazelberg to Woodruff Joint Revocable Trust, $30,000, Town of Rose

•9/16/13: Terry G. Krell to Jesse Chipman, $13,000, Town of Warren

•9/16/13: Cheryll A. Olsen and Fred J. Olsen to Janiene M. Stanczyk, $11,000, Town of Dakota

•9/16/13: Rosalie O. Byrne and Thomas A. Byrne Jr. to Bryan J. Kolberg and Michael J. Kolberg, $187,500, Town of Coloma

•9/17/13: Rosanne F. Kiesner to Barbara J. Damazyn and Bruce A. Damazyn, $49,600, Town of Mt. Morris

•9/17/13: Robert F. Venski and Vivian P. Venski to Gerald Warsek and Nadine Warsek, $12,500, Town of Dakota and Town of Wautoma

•9/17/13: Ann Garber (personal rep) and Irma Wilcox (estate) to Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, $22,500, Town of Dakota

•9/17/13: Jane A. Wilcox and Jon P. Wilcox to Wisconsin Department of Natrual Resouces, $22,500, Town of Dakota

•9/17/13: Terry G. Paulsen to Alyse Paulsen and Taylor Paulsen, $39,500, Town of Aurora

•9/17/13: Tricia A. Brodbeck and Jesse L. Hodel to Karen Schiewe and Timothy Schiewe, $143,000, Town of Leon

•9/18/13: Deutsch Bank National Trust Company to Audrey L. Koch and Stephen J. Koch, $27,000, City of Wautoma

•9/18/13: Michael White and Patricia White to David Cluppert and Laurie G. Cluppert, $75,000, Town of Aurora